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Course Objectives: In this self-paced course, you will learn how to establish and use all the modules included in Sage 50. You will learn how to configure and process transactions in the General Ledger, Receivables, Payables, Payroll, and Inventory modules. The course also includes Historical Mode which is a feature used to enter opening balances and transactions. You will also learn how to enter other commonly used transactions including adjustments, reversals, recurring entries and bank transactions. You will spend time learning how to set up and use Projects, Time and Billing, Departments and Budgets. Topics are also dedicated to setting up users and security, foreign currency transactions, periodic maintenance, and form and report customization.This course offers instruction on the following:

  • Set up General Ledger and use the General Journal
  • Configure Accounts Payable and process transactions including invoices and payments
  • Configure Accounts Receivable and enter transactions including sales invoices, credit memos, receipts and deposits
  • Configure Payroll and process transactions including paying employees and adjusting their cheques, creating remittance, using direct deposit and creating T4s.
  • Configure the Inventory module, create items, adjust inventory levels, set up locations, categories and price lists, use FIFO for costing and configure serialized inventory
  • Understand and enter historical transactions
  • Perform transaction inquiries
  • Adjust and reverse transactions
  • Use recurring transactions to save time
  • Enter bank deposits, transfers and complete account reconciliations
  • Complete year end and perform database management
  • Customize forms and reports
  • Set up users and security
  • Set up and use Time and Billing, Projects, Departments, Budgets, and Foreign Currencies.

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